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Books on Statistics

This is a collection of books that will get you up to speed on the basic concepts of statistics. Absent from the list are textbooks, there are plenty of those available. This list was chosen because the books are easier to read, so if you don't have a strong math background you should still be able to get through any one of these.

If you need something a little more advanced, take a look at the statistical programming books.

Statistics in a Nutshell by - This is a thorough introduction to statistics. It covers probability, descriptive & inferential statistics, general linear model, ANOVA, regression & more. It's easier to read than a text book and concise enough to be a reference if you get stuck on a concept later. 594 pages.

Statistics in Plain English by - This book is a primer on the subject, covering all of the basic concepts of statistics. Urdan's writing style is easy to read, so you won't be overwhelmed with derivations. There are a handful of universities using this. 223 pages.

Cartoon Guide to Statistics by & - The method of presentation in this book is lighter than others. As the title indicates the entire book is of cartoons. It does give a thorough overview of statistics, however. There aren't any practice problems within, but if you just want a quick overview this isn't a bad start. 230 pages.

What is a P-Value Anyway by - This book introduces statistics principles through a collection of stories that are easy to read. Vickers' approach to the subject includes very little in the way of math or formulas, so most readers should be able to follow along. 240 pages.